(Ashland, Pennsylvania, 1958)
Thirteen-year-old Tommi “Pockets” Leland has one goal in life—to be the first female world champion pool player. But in the 1950s, gals were not welcome in pool rooms. With her pop’s approval, she disguises herself as a boy to shoot at a local poolroom, where she and her pop are an unbeatable team.

But Pockets has another secret life that even Pop and Meemaw know nothing about. She runs with the Thorns, a street gang, and during a rumble with the Hawks, the hated rival gang, Pockets is arrested. Instead of being sent to reform school with the other gang members, she must counsel with Salvation Army Captain Arlene Masters, who has a passion to help kids.

Pockets meets her match in fiery “Captain Ar,” who shares with Pockets what’s really important in life—loving God and loving others.

So, does Pockets listen? Or does she continue in a downward spiral that can only lead to more trouble in her young life and a broken heart?

Keystone Stables Series
The Loves of Snyder County
Tommi Pockets Series

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