A 60-day Devotional for Kids

Do you know there are over 300 breeds of horses? And do you know that horses are mentioned about 150 times in the Bible? It seems to me if God mentioned horses so many times in His Holy Word, then He might be fond of one of the most beautiful animals he ever created.If you’d like to learn about 60 different breeds of horses and at the same time learn how a Christian young person can live to please God, this devotional is for you. What if Jesus walked up to you right now and asked you to follow Him? What does that mean? How would you do it? As you read each daily devotion, you’ll read verses from the Bible that will show you how to please God and how to be a blessing to all those around you. You’ll also learn that, as a Christian, you’ll ride with Jesus and a great army in heaven someday, and we’ll all be riding white horses.So, take a few quiet moments, open this book, and come ride with me!

Keystone Stables Series
The Loves of Snyder County
Tommi Pockets Series

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