The Writer’s 14 Commandments

Why 14? 15 are too many; 13 aren’t enough (published in "The Christian Communicator" Oct. 2006) Thou shalt recite 100 times every day, "I'm a writer, I'm a writer." Thou shalt write every day, even if it is only "I AM A WRITER" 100 times. Thou shalt not...

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Christians Working at Home

Among the millions of workers who have decided to work either a full-time or part-time home-based business are Christians with strong convictions about their place and importance in today's society. The reasons Christians start home-based businesses are as...

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Look at Those S-t-r-a-n-g-e Homeschoolers

"Homeschoolers are just … a … little different!" "Homeschoolers are antisocial. They hide and don't mix well with … us!" "Homeschoolers are poor and ignorant. They can't learn. All they do is watch television!" "Homeschoolers have lice!" If you...

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