Runner Shoots His Best Game


(Ashland, Pennsylvania, 1958)

Fourteen-year-old Tommi “Pockets” Leland and fifteen-year-old Vince “Runner” Ramsey have become the best of friends ever since they met while shooting pool at Joe’s Variety Store in downtown Ashland. But Pockets’ newfound faith in God and Runner’s lure to break the law puts a deep wedge in their relationship.

Runner is caught stealing, and only Captain Arlene Masters, the counselor at Salvation Army Post 71, saves him from being sent to the Erie Reform School for at least a year. Although he walks the straight and narrow for a while, he doesn’t seem to learn his lesson. While Pockets and Runner work as pinsetters at the Sunset Bowling Lanes, Pockets spots Runner at the cash register. Is he stealing money again?

Pockets’ heart is ripped to shreds as Runner is arrested. Now he’ll probably be sent away for a long, long time.

Or will he?

Keystone Stables Series
The Loves of Snyder County
Tommi Pockets Series

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